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Joyce Genske

Joyce Genske was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin moving to Arizona in 2003. She has had a lifelong fascination with photography and started taking pictures when she was 12 years old. She is entirely self-taught. She gladly accepted work in photo processing labs as side jobs, eventually learning to develop and print her work at home. She hasn't stopped since and has continued to photograph anything that catches her fancy.

Joyce has always loved to travel and her chosen companion on all these excursions has been her camera. It is her way or preserving and sharing all the things she sees for posterity

Arizona provides a different kind of scenery from what was experienced in lush, green, water-filled but mountainless Wisconsin with its four distinct seasons. Arizona's beauty is harsher but no less breathtaking, especially the skies. Being able to photograph the many mountains that call Arizona home is a source of unending pleasure as well as the vast majority of plant and animal life just waiting to have their picture taken

She is constantly learning new techniques, trying different ways to make her work stand out, and learning from other artists. It's a never ending process with immeasurable growth and knowledge to be gained. It's all good!

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