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Benefits of Joining an Art Association

Whether you’re a painter, a wood carver, a potter, or prefer sculpture, creating any type of art can be isolating! Joining an art association is a great way to stay connected to an artistic community. An art association is a group of members who all appreciate and/or create art, in whatever form that might take. 

1. Socialize and Network – Spend some time out of your studio. Meet and get to know new artists that you would not otherwise meet. Make new friends and become known in the local area and community. HAA has open studio on Thursday and Friday afternoons for artists to meet and work. 

2. Learn – see what other local artist are doing and learn from them. The variety of artists and activities at HAA can really make for an excellent place to learn from other artists. Talk with them about the way they tackle the business side of being an artist, find who is giving workshops and attend them.

3. Share your knowledge – Teach other people from your knowledge. If you can learn from others, then there must be something you can teach from your experience. What about art making techniques, marketing ideas, utilizing technology or art shows experience?

4. Opportunities – There are many opportunities to be taken, you just have to identify them and make yourself ready for them to call you. You can find new opportunities for business, commissions, art shows, exposure and much more.

5. Participate in art shows – HAA organizes several art shows throughout the year, including a photography show, and sponsors the Art in the Park art festival in October.  This is an excellent way to show your work. 

6. Volunteer – Give your time and efforts for the benefit of you and others. You will gain respect of your fellow artists and they will be willing to help you in return. You will gain valuable experience from simply helping out - even behind the scenes. Helping on change-out day when art is switched out, signing up to help board members who head up various activities that keep the gallery running, working at the Art in the Park art festival, etc. 

7. Reduced fees - Members receive a discount on Art in the Park fees, and entrance fees for the various art shows.

8. Preference in limited enrollment activities - Members receive early notification of upcoming events and classes so they can register and be assured of having a seat!

9. Receive monthly emails including our Artyfacts Newsletter 

10. HAA voting privileges - Each year members participate in electing our board members.

11. Website  listing - Participating artists receive their own Artist's Page on our website, where they can share their bio and photos of their work.

How to Join the Huachuca Art Association

 ​The Huachuca Art Association would love to have YOU and your creative spirit as a member.

Whether you appreciate art, are building your art skills, or are an accomplished artist,

there's always room for you at the HAA!

  For a downloadable application to mail in or drop off click HERE.


Or to join/renew online, click HERE for the online application.

If you have are 70+ years of age and you have been a paying member of HAA for 5 years,

your continued membership is FREE.

We look forward to meeting you!
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