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Holly Fries

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, with two artistic parents, art was encouraged and came naturally to me. I loved taking art classes all through my middle and high school years. As an adult, I put art aside and only practiced as a hobby at home as I worked as an LPN and raised my children.

My family and I moved around for my husband’s military career, but our move in 2018 to DC reintroduced me into art life. I visited a live-artist gallery/restaurant called Palette 22 and thought how much fun it would be to jump back into art. I joined several galleries in the area, a few live-art organizations and participated in fairs. I had a great time developing my talent, learning new skills and becoming part of the art community there.

In 2022, we moved to Sierra Vista and I started my art journey here finding a wonderful and welcoming art community at the Huachuca Art Association.
My greatest pleasure in all of my artwork is seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they look at my paintings. I primarily focus on acrylics on canvas or wood, from miniature paintings on small ornaments to large detailed pet commission pieces.

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