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George L. Basehore


I began my woodcarving journey in 1997. Working with a picture of my dog, a piece of wood, a carpenter's wood chisel and a claw hammer. Not having any idea of carving technique, what came out looked like my dog. And that was the start of what turned out to be a most enjoyable hobby. After a few years of doing relief carving, I attended a woodcarving roundup in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and was introduced to carving in the round. I purchased a carving knife and a few gouges and began carving small figures. That led to making carved canes and walking sticks. Attending carving shows, I soon realized that I needed something else to sell, so I began to carve wooden spoons. 

After moving from PA to Sierra Vista, I attended Arts in the Park and inquired about joining the Association and showing my carvings in the Gallery. I joined the Gallery in November of 2021.

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