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Teresa Kay Ebbs

I grew up in a small country town in Texas. As a child I loved chasing butterflies, listening to the wind blow through the pines, picking wildflowers, and trying to catch birds. I truly loved the beauty in nature even as a child. When I wasn’t outside enjoying nature, I’d spend hours in my room painting little childhood masterpieces with my small set of watercolors. My daddy would go to the newspaper office and get end rolls of paper for me to paint and sketch on.

I’ve had a love for art since I was a little girl. When I was in  my second year of high school, my oldest sister found an art teacher and we began taking private lessons for oil painting. She said it had been Daddy’s wish before he died that I take painting lessons. I instantly loved it! I took lessons for two to three years.

I was married to my high school sweetheart, Arlie, shortly after graduation. Two years later he joined the Army and we began to travel across the country and abroad. I painted on occasion as we moved from place to place, and sold some paintings when we lived in the New England area. It was when we moved to Arizona and settled near Ft. Huachuca to raise our two boys, that I really began painting once again on a regular basis.

I enjoy a variety of hobbies, stained glass, sculpting, ceramics, leather work, glass etching, sewing, crochet, making jewelry, writing. But oil painting is my passion.

I was truly blessed when I met a member of the Huachuca Art Association by chance. Tim Hurst saw some of my paintings and encouraged me to become a member. Once I joined, I met such a wonder group of people. Life has taken me on many journeys, and this journey led me to my childhood dream of becoming an artist. The beautiful sunsets and sunrises, the hummingbirds chattering amongst my roses, the hawks soaring above, and the beautiful mountain views serve as my inspiration. I paint from my hear, truly enjoying each brush stroke as I create my paintings.

Teresa Ebbs is responsible for the presentation of our first Judged Show in our new Gallery.  Great show and great exposure.

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