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Tammy Windsor-Brown

I am a Bisbee, AZ native, born and raised most of my life, and a self taught photographer.  My passion is in wildlife and nature photography, although aside from that, I love making and creating beautiful crosses, jewelry, and recently discovered acrylic pour painting which is so much fun.   My interest in photography was sparked when I was a little girl, first using the Polaroid camera that printed out the photograph, yep, it’s been a few years.  Then on to the 110 and 35mm film cameras, and just a few years ago to a digital camera, which I was skeptical at first, but I loved the fact that I could delete the bad photos and not have to pay for them being developed.   I love preserving the beauty and memories through my eyes, or soul as they say!


Photography for me is truly a love affair with life and being able to capture all of God’s beauty there is to offer!   You never know what you can capture if you observe and just look closely enough to find many little wonders.  I see beauty in all things and have such an appreciation for all.  I spend a lot of time outdoors, every chance I get and just let nature come to me.  It’s truly amazing what you can find just in your own back yard.

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