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Phillip Micheau

      Art has always been one of my favorite endeavors. I've been able to focus on developing my natural talent since retiring from full time work in 2000.

      Since I was able to hold a pencil I have been able to make extraordinary sense out of lines and shapes. This ability grew over the years, bolstered by my love for drawing and experiences in art appreciation, classes in descriptive geometry and architecture, and working as a draftsman. My medium of choice is colored pencils I also like to work in graphite pencil and and ink. Two descriptions of my work are patient and detailed. My philosophy of art is that I can interpret, on paper, anything that moves me visually. 

      In recent years, since joining the Huachuca Art Association, I've absorbed a great deal from many knowledgeable and accomplished artists and through reading books on art. All of this has enhanced my appreciation of the design elements and principles for creating fine art. 

      In the last several years my work has been displayed and sold in several area art galleries and a gift shop. My goal is to continue growing technical and creatively and establish myself in the art community.

      My biggest thrill is having people admire my work.

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