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Naomi Blackwell

      Naomi Blackwell was born in Hamburg, Germany; grew up multi-lingual, and multicultural; and has had a disinclination towards staying put ever since. Having lived in three different countries (one of them twice); being in just one place, or focusing on just one thing is not in her nature. This is perhaps especially true in regards to her art. If there is one word to describe the artistic exploits of Naomi Blackwell; it would be “eclectic”.

Drawn to arts and crafts from a young age through her mother’s efforts to harness the whirlwind of chaotic energy every child seems to possess by giving her something productive to focus on; the result of this is an adult who isn’t truly happy, unless she’s making something.

      From drawing and painting; to knitting, bookbinding, jewelry or her current crafting love; Fiber Arts and Needle felting, Naomi has met few crafts or mediums that she hasn’t liked, and is always looking to add more to her repertoire. As such, there is often a mixed media element to her work: such as combining beading with her fiber sculptures, or exploring the wide and wacky world of sewing book covers from fabric.

      Above all; there is a component of joy to her work. Making art makes her happy; and she hopes, always, that sharing her art can share some of that happiness with others.

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