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Lindsay Janet Roberts

"Making art is like breathing; it is a must for my own survival and sanity."

Lindsay Roberts grew up living and breathing visual arts. Her paternal grandmother made sure of that since she was a graduate of Pratt Art Institute and an accomplished artist herself.The majority of Lindsay's childhood was spent in Dayton, Ohio. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She learned to weld at the age of 11 at the Dayton Living Arts Center and fell in love with metal working.

She received a scholarship based on her portfolio from Bradly University and went there for 2 years working towards her BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design. She was a self employed metal artist beginning in 1985 and was part of the American Arts and Crafts movement of the late 80's and early 90's with an art piece on permanent collection at the White House and the Governor's Mansion in Ohio. The majority of the works she sold then were done in metal, either soldered or welded.

During that time she spent 5 years serving on the board of Ohio Designer Craftsmen and networked part of her business through them. She is still a member of the American Craft Council, which is a national organization. She was an attendee to a few of the wholesale trade shows where she connected with many galleries across the USA. She sold many f her works through art galleries across the USA and Japan. She did many individual commissions and was also commissioned to do giftware design through Bath and Body Works, i.e. the Limited, in the year 2000.

In 2008 Lindsay went back to college to acquire another degree so she could try her hand at teaching high school art. With all the summer camps where she taught art lessons, she wanted to give it a shot full time. She found working with children was very inspirational because of their different innocent views of the world around them. She acquired an M.Ed. from U of A.

She taught art at 6 different schools in AZ before retiring in 2022. In her last 4 years she taught Art 1, Advanced Art, AP Art, Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, and Photography I, II, III, AND IV (which was also producing the school's yearbook). Several of her students were recipients of HAA Art scholarships. During her first year of teaching at public schools, she taught Graphi Design. All this time she enjoyed making are with her students and building her illustration, drawing, and painting skills while selling her copper jewelry and art at a few local galleries in southern AZ.

During those teaching years, she still accomplished a few commissions of steel sculptures It started with the first commission from Norton Abrasives of creating the company's mascot. It was a larger than live French Bulldog named Cooper. Cooper resides at the company's US headquarters in Brownsville TX. The mascot had long lines during one trade show of people wanting to take selfies with it. It was a hit and resulted in a personal commission for a couple in Los Angeles of another bulldog named Sebastian. 

When Lindsey retired in 2022 she worked with an old friend in Ohio who is an author and performer on a children's book. All the illustrations in the book including the cover were created by Lindsay. The book is for 0 - 8 year old children and is called, "Sleep Little Raven". It is a lullaby that has recorded music that can be found on YouTube and Pandora. The book itself can be purchased through Amazon for an e-copy and a soft cover. For a hard cover you can purchase it through baby

Lindsay has kept a blog since 2008 showing the progress of her works at Her resume of works and accomplished art shows and exhibits are loaded on her blog. Lindsay spends much of her time working on her drawing and painting skills.


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