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Darlene Wilkerson

      Darlene Wilkinson has lived all over the United States –  Hawaii, Greece, and now in Arizona. She drew and painted in grammar school, took art classes throughout high school and University of Southern California. After receiving her degree she took many workshops and classes.

      She works as an intuitive artist focusing on only the positive. She has meditated  for over 30 years, which made it easy to glide into being intuitive artist. She is a mixed media artist, she also creates watercolor, encaustic, cold wax, acrylic, assemblage, and alcohol inks. 

      She has won many awards in Virginia, Alabama, and California. She wants the viewer to pick up on the energy in the art pieces. In recent years she has won several awards in California, Alabama, Hawaii, and Virginia, being recognized for the diversity of different pieces. To Darlene, the paintings are alive; they breathe, they fill her with emotion. They bring her joy.

      Darlene stands for each of us being the creator of our own lives, and that our dominion is within each of us. Through her multi-layered abstract artwork, she invites you pause, feel, and connect – and to journey inward, into your true authentic self. 

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