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Sean Yeterian

     Sean Yeterian retired from the Army in 2006 as a Field Artillery Sergeant Major. In 2016 he returned to college and completed the required classes to receive a Media Production Arts degree from Cochise College. He was honored by being added to the President’s List for academic achievement.
    Since being bitten by the Photography bug in August of 2016 he hasn’t looked back. An accomplished photographer his images have been displayed in galleries around the world including Amsterdam, Athens Greece, Slovenia, Melbourne Australia, Barcelona, and Seoul Korea.
    Locally Sean’s work has been selected for use with the marketing department at Cochise County Tourism Council and displayed in the SoHo Imagine Calendar (2019, 2020, and 2021). Most recently he was recognized by Cochise College by having his work exhibited in the Library Commons, and as a guest speaker.
    Sean’s personal mantra is “The most beautiful place in the world is right there, where you are.” He insists that there is no place on the planet that, when viewed with the right perspective, offers less beauty than any other place on the planet. He says, “You just need to learn how to see it. It will be there waiting until you do.”
    Sean was born in Dade City Florida and raised in Lompoc California. His wife, Siggy, hails from Augsburg Germany.

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