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Marsha Earhart

I was born and raised in Colorado. Though Colorado is a beautiful state, I have been drawn to Arizona from the time my daughter attended the U of A nearly 20 years ago. It wasn't until Colorado became a "state for the wealthy" and my retirement that I was able to make the move to this beautiful state.

I have dabbled in a few things over the years, calligraphy, floral design, flower preserving, always with an interest in painting, but also a sort of fear of it if you will. After retiring, I decided it was time to face that fear and give it a try. I call myself a self-taught pour paint artist as I have been learning from online tutorials and my mistakes ever since my first pour. The first thing I learned was "I'm hooked!". I wanted to try every color, every color combination, every style, etc. 

My inspiration comes from the beauty I see around me in my day to day life and from my travels. If you are at all struck by my interpretation of that in my work, then I have succeeded in my goal to create art that reflects the beauty surrounding us each day.

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