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Lois Bravo

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Lois Bravo lived in the Puget Sound area, of Washington State for some 40 years. It is a beautiful green state but very few sunrises or sunsets are visible. In the 1980’s she purchased her first 35 mm camera to take on vacation to Mexico where she captured sunsets and sold one as her first sale as a photographer.

When she retired to Sierra Vista in 2009, the hummingbirds ignited her interest in capturing these fast moving birds in her photography. She spent hours in her backyard, Ramsey Canyon and Miller Canyon to capture the beauty and grace of the many hummingbirds that pass through the area. She loves living here because all she has to do is walk outside or in her neighborhood to find and photograph the unique and beautiful wildlife, sunsets, sunrise and flowers.



Lois has traveled to Australia, Fiji, Alaska, South American, Caribbean and Costa Rica. She has beautiful shots of native kangaroos, koalas, birds and scenery. She takes her photos with a Nikon 3100 and a 300mm lens.

Lois’s venue is mounting photographic prints on blank greeting cards, canvas, metal, calendars and framed photography. She has been presenting her talent for 5 years at local craft shows and now is showing in the Huachuca Art Gallery at 1835 San Paseo Luis, Sierra Vista. She received a Special Award from the San Pedro River Art Council photo contest. She has received many ribbons at Tombstone Art Gallery which is held annually.

Lois became a member of the Huachuca Art Association. She entered a Photo contest and received prizes for 2nd and 3rd for her entries and sold all her entries. She then became the bookkeeper for the Association. Bill Willis was the Chairman of Art in the Park and became his assist during 2014 season. So in 2015, she volunteered to be the chair for the following year. Her duties are to assign booths to vendors, then submit photos for jury to the committee. She spends 3 days during the show helping vendors with questions, set up and keeping them happy. This job is a year around project since we receive applications for the following year on the last day of the current year show.

Lois is a board member of Huachuca Art Association and is their treasurer/ bookkeeper.

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