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Kathy Riebock

Kathy Riebock was born in Chicago, Illinois to Jim and Jan Pardi. We moved to Columbus, Ohio where my father started his dentistry practice and as the eldest of 4 children I learned to share, teach and dream. After graduation from Ohio Dominican College, I met my husband Tom, and started a family. In 2003 we moved across the United States with two children, Christine and Tim, and three cats. I immediately fell in love with the sunshine, the mountains, and the wide open spaces.

My passion for beading was ignited the first time I encountered the Tucson Gem Show eight years ago, Friends invited me and I’ve never looked back. The type of beads, the sizes and colors spoke to me, enabling me to produce jewelry with aesthetic appeal. Best of all, others enjoyed these creations.

Through the Huachuca Art Association at Art in the Park, I have fostered my dreams of jewelry design as a business.  This event broadened my horizons as a business woman and as an artist. I have evolved to working with the finest materials that are accented with Sterling, copper, or vermeil and do my best to give my clients time, customer service, and a piece of jewelry to express personal style as well as celebrating important milestones. I am grateful that my clients have chosen me to create such jewelry for them.

Kathy now serves as the Jury coordinator for our new Gallery.  She  is a wonderful asset to the Huachuca Art Association.

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