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Emilee Simpson

Emilee Simpson is a 25 year old artist and all around creative. A self-described "Desert Rat", they are local to the small communities that border the San Pedro River. The work displays many keystone elements of southwestern art. For example, the saturated colors of the evening sunsets and familiar landscapes. However, the work has a surreal quality that goes beyond tangible expression.

"Their inspiration is drawn from their past experiences as well as the inherent language of symbolism that we, as human beings, share. Their work is a way for them to communicate thoughts, emotions, and feelings that are otherwise hard to describe. The word "evoke" means to "bring or recall to conscious mind", that's what they're trying to do.

The Artist has experience in woodburning, watercolor, acrylic, analog photography, darkroom developing, ceramics, sculpture, digital art, and jewelry making. They graduated in 2019 with an Associate's Degree in Fine Arts from Cochise College and is currently pursuing their goals of being a self-employed creative and small business owner. Their dream is to one day receive a Master's Degree in Fine Arts ( (Psychology Minor) and go on to share the knowledge and passion with future generations.

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