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Bob Bosier

In the mid seventies I started with a brownie automatic camera on a trip to Yosemite Valley. I documented my trip in snapshots. After getting my prints back from Rexall Drug Store, one stood out to me in that I took a pic from the top of a waterfall. Holding the camera as far out away from me to try to get the cascade as it was going over the brink. Well I was perplexed at seeing the rocks at the bottom of the falls in perfect focus! And placing the question in my mind because there was no Google.

During this time in '76, looking for work living in Eau Claire, WI. An optical job came up in a local eyeglass lab and dispensary. I applied, was accepted, and in no time I was in the lab learning what lenses do. My aha moment came when realizing the lens in the Brownie was set to infinity. I believe it was a heavenly match.

I was also an artist trying my hand at pen & ink drawing thinking I'll take shots to draw. Within no time the love for my camera out weighed that. Knowing my photography was not really going to pay bills, I worked my 42 years in the optical business, mostly 32 years of it in L.A.,CA. Saying the whole time that when I retire, I'm devoting myself to my photo-work as I have since retiring in Jan 2018 and moving here to Sierra Vista.


In my time here, I've been accepted into The HAA and also entered into one of their contests a while back, which was my first time to enter any work ever. [except once in MI and I won a camera tote bag{circa '80s}]  I submitted 3 photos and was really happy with 1 First Place and 2 Honorable Mentions.

Now, recently my work was accepted and is to be displayed here at our City Council Chambers, along with a recent publication of one of my photos in Mirage Magazine.

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