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Robin Lara

Robin Lara moved to Sierra Vista in 1992 with her active-duty husband, Jim. Her love of the sunshine keeps her in an imaginative frame of mind. She creates original designs using embossed copper, brass, aluminum, clays, dyes and paints. Her inspired works were first conceived, designed, then etched, hand-tooled, rubbed and colored in exceptional works of unique art.

Robin’s creations vary widely, ranging from beautiful framed art and custom wall tiles to intricately embellished boxes for treasures or jewelry. She can accommodate personalized design requests from her local and international clientele. Among her many inspirations is the family of talented artists she is coming to know. She is constantly influenced by their myriad talents and strengthened by their friendships.

Robin is devoted to her husband, Jim, who provides an environment of comfort and creativity. She has fabulous children and grandchildren..some near…some far. Her home studio is located in a picturesque setting where she finds her joy in creating...with her pups at her feet.

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