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Richard Shaw

His whimsical 3D Wire Art is twisted, literally.  Richard tells stories by twisting colorful wire and uses a variety of mixed media—sticks, stones, glass, wood, copper, fabric, rusted metal, even feathers—in framed wall art and custom installations.  Themes range from southwestern and sci-fi (and Saguaros, lots of Saguaros) to animals and abstracts.  In describing his work, he simply says “I paint with wire!”.

Richard writes a fun short story that is displayed next to the piece at art festivals (Arizona, California) and in galleries.  Getting people to chuckle is job one.


His first work was to frame two railroad spikes from the 1880’s he found near an Australian gold mine.  Super glue wouldn’t work, but rusted rebar wire did.  His wife, Barbara, said “You can sell that” and a new art form was born, 3D Wire Art.

Having recently moved to the Tucson area from Los Angeles and San Diego, Richard is a former television producer/writer of adventure travel series.  He has worked in Australia, Canada and Europe for PBS, Travel Channel and TV networks globally.  Now, he gets to work with his hands as well as his head!

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