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Kim Weisel

   Kim Weisel, Photographer and Pyrographer (woodburning artist), has enjoyed photography from the time she was a child and her father bought her her very first camera for Christmas. Her interest and promising talent in Pyrography came later in life when she designed a memorial plaque for a flower garden, in honor of her sister.    Now as an awarded professional artist, she has taken that childhood enjoyment and promising talent, and has blended it with her passion for all of God’s creatures (both domestic and wild) and the great outdoors, to capture stunning photographs and create breathtaking pyrographs. In each piece you can see her desire to capture the essence of nature and of wildlife living their lives, doing their thing, displaying their beauty to us as a gift from God. Her photograph “Monday Mornings”, captures an awesome and fun moment of a bobcat living it’s life and giving a big yawn. For this piece she won the “People’s Choice” Award at the 2022 Tombstone Association of the Arts Show, the couple who purchased it at the show described it as “stunning and deserving of the award. The best entry in the whole gallery. They love and admire it and smile every time they look at it hanging in their home.” 

   And that is what Kim truly enjoys about sharing her art, bringing smiles to peoples faces. Kim’s photographs and pyrographs often feature elegant, colorful and striking birds. She contributes this to her hobby as a birder, which was inspired by her mama’s love and care of birds. One of her photography pieces that embodies these attributes is “Freedom”, which captures an Eagle in a commandingly regal pose. It won the ”Mayor's Choice” Award at the 2022 Tombstone Association of the Arts Show. Kim is also a dog mom, so you may find her “boys” featured in many of her pieces as well. In fact, her pyrography piece titled,”Gunner”, which featured her dog by the same name, won 1st place in the 2022 Endeavors Art Show. You can find more of her captivating photographs and pyrographs at the Huachuca Art Association in Sierra Vista and the Endeavor Art Gallery in Benson.

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