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Joan Sarraf

My journey into the art world has evolved in phases.  As a child I took classes at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC where we worked in childrens' mediums - pastel and watercolor.  Classes in school gave me experience in other mediums and techniques, all fun but not necessarily successful!  By college I had decided on oil as my favorite medium.


In 2003 I moved to Sierra Vista, joined HAA, and was lucky enough to find the Wednesday morning drawing class.  The gallery was then on Astro Street.  We had interesting and varied models and a wonderful group of artists.  These classes led to one of the highlights of my life - workshops with Jean Chambers and Tom Black.  I have to admit to playing hooky from work one day so I wouldn't miss any of the class!


My luck held when in 2018 a friend took me to Mary Martin's oil class.  Mary taught us composition and values, how to create and interpret the story behind the painting and how to paint the story onto the canvas.  I am eternally grateful to her for her generosity in sharing her knowledge with all of us.

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