Gail Klein

Born in Renton, Wa. In 1953. Gail has been drawn to the arts and crafts medium including floral design, beadwork, mural painting and clay sculpture. Inspired by the sinuous creations of Maxfield Oarrish, Alphonse Mucha and Fredrick Hart, her work is generally defined by a feeling of serenity, flowing form and elegant movement.

Now after over two decades of working in Natural & Polymer Clay’s, Gail has recently discovered the wonder of wood and enjoyed immediate success, winning a blue ribbon at the prestigious Desert Wood Carving show in Mesa, Azizona her very first year.

Gail finds that wood is a wonderful medium – one that is beautiful in its own right, even aside from what an artist creates with it. Capitalizing on the natural artistry of wood grain and color, her carvings enhance the beauty that is already there with a whole dimension of form, texture and movement. She sincerely hopes you enjoy viewing her work as much as she has enjoyed creating it.