There are those who would argue that an aspiring artist must spend most of life perfecting techniques and producing thousands of works before being anointed as proficient in the chosen medium. For those who appreciate the watercolors of Teresa Justice, it can be said that many good instructors, divine inspiration and the diverse outdoors of the Coastal Bend put her in the class of those who have “it.”
“It’s the positions, angles and movement of the birds and other wildlife that attract me,” she says.
Justice grew up in Flour Bluff, Texas, but art was not a priority in her life. While living in Portland several years later she picked up a paint brush. The brush as never left her hand since. She took design and drawing at Del Mar College, took biological illustration from Dinah Bowman at Texas A&M – Corpus Christi and attended workshops with the likes of Steve Russell, Harold Phoenix, Gale Webb, Pate Deadman, etc.
In previous years she has expanded her art and has been designing and building stained glass windows along with a variety of other stained glass projects. She has incorporated the art of hot glass, making some of the most beautiful beads. She has lived in Arizona for 14 years and she happily creates paintings and glass beads still.