Jean Garrow

I was raised in San Diego California and in my late 20’s moved to a small town in Upstate NY, giving me an entire new prospective on my world.  The cold winters provided me with the incentive and time to teach myself the art of Stained Glass.  I enjoyed designing and producing custom work from photo’s.  Mostly, pets (dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs, etc).


In the late1990’s life took me back to my home town of San Diego and the art work took a back seat to opening my own business (Mobile Pet Grooming).  This took almost every minute of my time and energy but I tried to stay active with stained glass by producing gifts for friends and family when the occasion presented itself.  Last year, 2017, I moved to Sierra Vista and am enjoying the small town atmosphere once again.

A few years ago, 2013, I fell and shattered my right arm.  With lots of support and hard work I regained fairly good mobility but lost the dexterity needed to continue the Tiffany foil method of stained glass.  After a year of rehab it was time to try something new.  Fused Glass was my next adventure.

While still new at this form of art, my work has been very well received and I am so grateful to the local galleries that feel my work is worthy of display.

My business philosophy is to try to keep most of my pieces simple.  Glass has gotten so expensive in its flat form that producing an item can quickly price itself out of reach of the average person.  So, I started “Artistic Simplicity” and strive to design and make useful and affordable art that everyone can afford.