Glenda Harper

I grew up in Denver, Colorado, and had little exposure to art until I was in high school. I had some art classes in drawing and painting and a semester of clay sculpting in college, but other than those, I’ve never had any formal art training.

After school, I married and had three children. Once the kids were all in school all day, I went to beauty school. Doing hair for 12 years gave me a creative outlet.

I have always enjoyed doing artsy, crafty things—sketching, needlepoint, crewel, gardening, floral arranging, and crocheting—but it wasn’t until 1973 that I found “CLAY.” My neighbors came back from Mexico with a figure of a werejackal (a shapeshifter that can assume the shape of a jackal) that I loved. That inspired me to get some clay and sculpt my own. Since then I have taken every chance to find a place to further my hobby and love of sculpting.

In 2014, I moved to Sierra Vista to be closer to my children. It’s a wonderful, little town with beautiful mountains and great climate. Of course, my move would not have been complete if I did not have a place to “play with clay.” Fortunately, my daughter found the Sierra Vista Pottery Studio. On one of my trips to AZ (prior to moving), I got to tour the studio and just knew it would be a perfect fit. I create hand built sculptures of pretty much anything that strikes my fancy—realistic or whimsical animals, creatures of fantasy, abstract sculptures, or functional pieces. I love it all!

After spending time at the Pottery Studio, I heard about the Huachuca Art Association and joined soon after. Everyone has been so encouraging and supportive of me. HAA is a great outlet to show and sell my work.