It’s time again for the Annual Southwest Wings Nature and Birding Festival, and so, for this month only, THE BIRDS ARE TAKING OVER THE GALLERY! Hitchcock would be proud, and Tippi Hedron would be fleeing in terror. Well, not really. In fact, most of our birds are not that scary. In truth, they are almost all really, really nice, and some are downright adorable, so do come and check them out before they fly out the door.

While August is always a popular month for birding all over Cochise County, the actual Southwest Wings Festival runs just from August 1-4. It does attract birders from all over the USA, offering guided field trips and excursions covering a huge swath of southern Arizona, starting in the Sierra Vista area with birding tours in Carr, Ramsey, Garden, Ash and Miller Canyons, then on down to the San Pedro River, then west to Madera Canyon, Sonoita and Patagonia,  and east to Saint David, Wilcox, and the Chiricahua Mountains. More information on the specific events and online registration is available at website for anyone interested in participating in any of these adventures.

Meanwhile, back at the Gallery, we are filling the walls with bird art, which is not to say that every piece will have a bird in it, but that birds will be featured prominently. The reception will be held as usual on the first Saturday of the month, August 4, but please take note: the time of the reception has been temporarily changed to 5-7 pm, (instead of the usual 3-5pm) to accommodate the birders on the last day of the festival, and to offer them an opportunity to pick up a lovely art piece before heading home.