John Marvin

Initially exposed to the delights of photography several years ago, John began to document his outdoor adventures by capturing images utilizing film cameras.  Many of the exposures were produced in the ‘slide’ format in order to create a viable platform for presenting visual programs to Flagstaff audiences interested in seeing remote and naturally scenic environments from God’s Great Out-of-Doors.  These programs were usually produced following backpacking and hiking excursions into the high-country where streams and waterways offered abundant and productive opportunities for an avid fly fisherman who always had his camera at hand.

John began realize the impact of quality upon his photographs and he was soon able to incorporate the best features of composition, color, lighting and intensity into his images.  After retiring and moving to Sierra Vista in 1999, John became a member of the Huachuca Art Association and, about the same time, evolved from film to the latest, new camera format – digital photography.  John’s photographic evolution is ongoing and the latest examples of his work can be seen in the HAA Gallery where a number of his framed art prints are now on display.